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Case Manager or Discharge Planner

For Case Managers & Discharge Planners

As a case manager or discharge planner, you understand the importance of effective and efficient client management skills. That’s why at Clarity Care, we keep you regularly updated on client progress, concerns and general well-being. This lets you spend less time worrying and more time helping others.


Clarity Care’s more than 600 employees undergo extensive training prior to their employment, so you know your clients are in good hands. From skilled nurses who have been with Clarity Care for many years, to certified care specialists who effectively implement individualized care plans, we have your clients’ best interest at heart and take our work seriously.


“Clarity Care is wonderful, helpful and prompt. They get their job done, and I really enjoyed the head nurse I spoke with. I’m given progress updates and get positive feedback from my clients about Clarity Care.”
– Fox Valley case manager

Case managers and discharge planners enjoy working with Clarity Care because we deliver results. We are a growing organization with strong leadership that you can trust. We follow through on our promises and care for your clients as if they were our own family. For discharge planners, Clarity Care is happy to provide medical assistance to aid in your client's in-home health and recovery for as long as we are needed.


The detail-oriented and thorough nature of our staff is unsurpassed in the region, and we guarantee your clients will benefit from the consistent attention and high quality of care.

Service Areas

As an agency, we are willing to take on the gamut of clients, including many cases that other agencies may shy away from.

Clarity Care caregiver/client portrayal.

Clarity Care is willing to go above-and-beyond your expectations to help your clients regain an element of independence and achieve a better quality of life.