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Family or Friend

For Family Members & Friends

Welcome to Clarity Care – a place where we care for your loved ones as if they were our own family members. We know that listening to them and respecting their special needs can make a world of difference in providing exceptional care.

Finding the right care provider for your loved one can be a difficult task. But, you’re not alone. Clarity Care helps hundreds of families each year by offering quality care to their loved ones. Clarity Care is an industry leader that believes all people, regardless of age, health or ability, are valued members of the community, and we treat every client with that belief in our hearts.


Clarity Care is available to address your questions and concerns as well as collaborate with you to provide the best solution. In some instances, we may even collaborate with other organizations outside our scope of care to provide clients with additional assistance.

For more information on the specific services we can provide your loved one, browse the navigation on the left. Also, please feel free to
contact us for more information.

Let Us Help Your Loved One

Our team of experienced nurses and caregivers is trained to understand the level of attention your loved one needs.

Clarity Care client/grandson portrayal.

This leaves you assured that he or she feels safe, happy and is receiving the highest quality care under our attentive watch.