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CES Services

Client Voices

"Clarity Care helped me search for a job and practice how to interview. They also came with me when I went to apply. It’s a really good place for people to go to for help finding jobs that they’ll be comfortable with.


Clarity Care gave me a lot of pointers and helped me make the most of my job once I was hired." - CES Client


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(CES) Services Available

Services are available based on the needs of the client that we work with and are individualized to what is going to best support their needs.

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Internship & Temporary Work Experience

The Internship and Temporary Work Experience programs provide a paid learning experience that relates to the job goal of a DVR Consumer and assist in acquiring in depth knowledge of day to day requirements. There is no expectation that the participant will be hired permanently at the worksite. An internship or temporary work experiences are typically developed to last from two weeks up to ninety calendar days.


Job Shadow

Job shadowing is a career exploration activity, designed to increase an individual's awareness and comprehension of career opportunities in our community. Job shadowing takes place in an integrated, community-based work environment. The individual is allowed to walk through the work day, within the actual environment; witnessing firsthand the work they may be interested in. The individual is able to see the work environment, occupational skills of practice, value of training, potential career options and the culture of the organization.

Skills To Pay The Bills

Skills To Pay The Bills is a group based learning program that covers the soft skills that are required for workplace success. The group may be composed of 6-12 youth (general age range is 14-24) or a group of adults. Youth and adult cohorts must be conducted separately. Smaller groups or individual sessions may be authorized to ensure timely and appropriate services for the consumer. Sessions may be offered on an as needed basis; not all sessions are required.

On-The-Job Assessment

The purpose for the evaluation may be to try a job of interest, determine readiness for employment, gain employer feedback or develop new skills.

Job Preparation

Job preparation and Development service help DVR consumers be prepared for the job search process by working on basic job preparation skills, information and documentation such as resumes, cover letters and job applications. The service will also help DVR consumers understand what the job search process involves.

Job Development Hire

This service begins immediately following the completion of the Job Preparation and Development Plan and is ongoing until a job is obtained. The DVR service provider / job developer and DVR consumer are working together on a regular basis to seek out and apply for jobs. This involves both the DVR consumer and DVR service provider / job developer making contacts with potential employers as appropriate based on the consumer's needs. This also involves assistance with completion of job applications, modifications to resume as needed and interview preparation. The should be at least weekly contact in the form of phone calls, email exchanges and in person meetings.

Job Retention

The service of Job Retention is a part of Job Preparation, Development and Placement Services. Job Retention helps a DVR consumer to maintain employment once hired. The goal of job retention is to provide the DVR consumer with the supports necessary and appropriate according to policy to keep the job. This support will last for at least 90 days.