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Home Health and Nursing Assistant Programs

2018 Home Health Aide Training Schedule
All classes are held in Oshkosh

Spring Interim--May/June: 2018

(Please note the Tues.-Sat. dates for the final week only; due to Monday 5/28/17 being a holiday)


May 14th-18th (Mon.-Fri) 8a-4:30pm

May 21st -25th (Mon.-Fri) 8a-4:30pm



May 29th-June 2nd (Tues.-Sat) 6am/6:30am- 2:30pm/3pm


June 2018


June 11th-15th (Mon.-Fri.) 8am- 4:30pm

June 18th-22nd (Mon-Fri.) 8am- 4:30pm



June 25th – 29th (Mon.-Fri.) 6am/6:30am- 2:30pm/3pm


July 2018


July 9th-12th (Mon-Thurs) 8am-4:30pm

July 16th-19th (Mon-Thurs) 8am-4:30pm

July 23rd -24th (Mon-Tues) 8am-4:30pm



July 25th-26th (Wed.-Thurs) 6am/6:30am- 2:30pm/3pm

July 30th -Aug 1st (Mon-Wed.) 6am/6:30am- 2:30pm/3pm


August 2018


August 6th-10th (Mon-Fri) 8am-4:30pm

August 13th-17th (Mon-Fri) 8am-4:30pm



August 20th -24th (Mon.-Fri) 6am/6:30am- 2:30pm/3pm


September/October/November 2018


September 17th-20th (Mon-Thurs) 5pm-9pm

September 24th-27th (Mon-Thurs) 5pm-9pm

October 1st -4th (Mon.-Thurs) 5pm-9pm

October 8th-11th (Mon.-Thurs) 5pm-9pm

October 15th-18th (Mon.-Thurs) 5pm-9pm



October 22nd -25th (Mon.-Thurs) 5pm-9pm

October 29th- November 1st (Mon.-Thurs) 5pm-9pm

November 5th-6th (Mon-Tues)




To enroll in the CNA Course please stop down at the Clarity Care Training Institute office at 415 Broad St. or across the street at our main office at 424 Washington Ave and ask the receptionist for a CNA Course registration packet to fill out.

You will also need to bring two forms of ID, current driver’s license and social security card. 

The registration packet will take approx. 15 min to complete. 


A $100 deposit is needed to hold your place in the class, which can be made in the form of cash, check or credit card.  The remaining $590 will be due before the class starts.





All students will need to have the flu vaccination shot.

(Flu vaccination required to participate at the clinical site)


For more information or to enroll, contact: CCTI@claritycare.org






Home Health Aide/Nurse Aide Certification

Home Health Aides/Nurse Aides play an important role in the provision of healthcare services, and the need for their skills is growing tremendously within the caregiving industry. Well-trained Home Health Aides/Nurss Aides have the opportunity to take advantage of many career opportunities in the Fox Valley area and beyond.

Students enrolled in Clarity Care’s Home Health Aide/Nurse Aide (HHA/NA) program will learn how to help individuals with various personal care needs, including: bathing, bathroom assistance, dressing, eating and repositioning. Aides will also learn how to check vital signs such as pulse, respirations and temperature, and record results. Other course information includes equipment knowledge and medical record keeping.

Specific training topics of focus within the HHA/NA program include:


Aging Disorders/Dementia

First Aid & Procedures to Alleviate Choking

Home Safety/Documentation

Introduction to the Role of HHA/NA

Mechanical Lifts/Range of Motion/Catheter Care


Personal Care Skills

Recognizing & Responding to Challenging Behaviors

Resident Rights

Standard Precautions

Vital Signs/Intake and Output/Mobility Skills


Upon successful completion of the Clarity Care HHA/NA program, students will receive certificate which qualifies them to take the Wisconsin Nurse Aide competency exam. With successful exam results, they are qualified to work as certified nurse aides (CNAs) or home health aides (HHAs) in hospitals, nursing homes, home care and other healthcare agencies – including Clarity Care!