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North Fond du Lac Build Project

Click here to see Slideshow 3 of the progress made September, 2012 to present.

Click here to see Slideshow 2 of the progress made April thru August, 2012.

Click here to see Slideshow 1 of the progress to from beginning thru mid-April, 2012.

Home Sweet Home

North Fond du Lac High School Building Trades Partners With Clarity Care



In early 2011, Clarity Care approached the North Fond du Lac High School Superintendent, Aaron Sadoff, in response to an article in the Fond du Lac Reporter regarding the high school's Building Trades program. The school was open to new opportunities for construction projects and Clarity Care wanted to build a home that would provide a handicapped accessible home for developmentally disabled consumers in the North Fond du Lac area.


In November, 2011 ground was broken and the project is quickly moving along. The finished home will be a 6-bedroom side-by-side duplex with a full basement and two 2-car garages.