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Our Process

Seven Steps to Employment

Clarity Care has worked hard to ensure its application and interview processes are easy to understand and as simple as possible. If you have found a position for which you’d like to apply, you generally can expect to follow these or similar steps through the application and interview.

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Step 1

Apply for the position online.

The application will require you to provide basic contact information, work experience and references. Additionally, you will be asked to write a short essay in response to the question: Why do you want to work with people who have special needs? For administrative and management positions, please provide a resume as well.


Step 2

Clarity Care will review your application. If we feel you are qualified for the position and are a good fit for Clarity Care, we will contact you to schedule a phone interview.


Step 3

If the phone interview goes well and we would like to learn more about you and your qualifications, we will then schedule an in-person office interview. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind for your interview:


  • Relax. You and our recruiter need to work together to understand if we have a good match.  The interview is a chance for both of us to get to know each other. 
  • Clarity Care selects interview questions to help you provide examples of how you’ve used the needed job skills in the past. In preparing for the interview, it will help you to look carefully at the skills needed to do the job, and to think about how you’ve used those skills in your previous jobs or life experience.
  • In addition, you will be asked to talk about strengths and weaknesses. Take some time to think about these prior to the interview.
  • Make some notes and practice your answers. As they say, preparation is the key to success.
  • Be on time, maybe even a little early.
  • Most applicants dress in casual business attire.
  • Feel free to take your time to think a bit before you answer questions, and ask for clarification if you need it.
  • And, don’t be afraid to ask questions.  You’re interviewing us too!


Step 4

If the office interview is positive, we will then run a background check and perform any other necessary reference checks.



Step 5

If your background and reference checks are free of concern, you may be asked back for subsequent interviews or we may skip directly to step 6.  If you are being considered for a caregiver position in our Residential programs, we will contact you to schedule a Group Home tour and interview.



Step 6

If the interview process meets everyone’s expectations, we will make you an offer.



Step 7

If you accept the offer, we will help you complete all necessary paperwork and arrange for a pre-employment physical.


You are now ready to start your new career with Clarity Care.  You will receive classroom and on-the-job training tailored to your occupation. If you have any questions on our application and interview process, please contact us.


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"I think everybody can do this. Everybody who enjoys life . . . enjoys taking care of others."   - Andrea