Benefits for Consumers:

  • Opportunity to develop independence and achieve maximum potential
  • Pre-employment training and assistance available
  • Clarity Care focuses on developing a job that matches your skills and interests
  • Competitive Integrated Employment

Benefits for Businesses:

  • Pre-Screened Applicants – Clarity Care gets to know the individuals we work with so we can understand their strengths and interests in order to make an appropriate match
  • Reduced turnover and absenteeism – our services are voluntary so the people we work with are motivated to work
  • Assistance to your business to help identify unmet needs
  • Monetary incentives – paid training reimbursement and tax credits

Benefits for Our Community:

  • Builds awareness of the unique skills and capabilities that each individual contributes to his or her community
  • Promotes the social and economic inclusion of all individuals
  • Encourages the diversification of the workforce