Heritage Court rental fees are affordable for most 55+ applicants and include all onsite amenities. Additionally, apartment rent includes the cost of heat, water, electricity and cable TV!

In total, Heritage Court includes 51 one-bedroom apartments and 18 two-bedroom apartments. Applicants are not required to pay an application fee upon submitting their rental application, but are required to pay the amount of one-month’s rent as a security deposit. The security deposit will be returned, when the resident leaves his or her apartment, pending it shows only normal wear and tear.

Rent prices per month for year-long leases* are as follows (and are subject to change):

  • One-bedroom, Small – $760
  • One-bedroom, Large – $797
  • Two-bedroom – $870

Please contact us for more information about Heritage Court, current vacancies, or to obtain a rental application form.

*PLEASE NOTE: The lease will be waived if a resident’s health deems that he or she can no longer remain independent and needs more care than in-home services can provide. Please call us at (920) 236-6540 if you have questions about this policy.

Residents also have the option to rent an on-site garage and apartment air conditioner from Heritage Court, at an additional cost.

Below-market-rent Apartments:
Heritage Court also offers some of its apartments at a reduced monthly cost for those who qualify. Income limits apply and are set by the State of Wisconsin. Yearly recertification is required.

To qualify for a below-market-rent apartment, a prospective resident needs to complete and return a Summary of Family Income Form which can be obtained by calling the manager of Heritage Court, at (920) 379-5006.